Standard Transmission Driving Course $60 ( CAD )

Canadian Drivers Ed CDE following 20 years of behind the wheels training research has developed a learner driver education program for standard transmission vehicles imparted by our MTO Certified Instructors in an educational framework.

At CDE we use business leading, Learner and Adult Driver Education programs delivered in live and dynamic environments.

Canadian Drivers Ed understands that driving is about road craft, road rules, and road safety. In the first two hours we will teach you how to handle the gearbox. As a learner driver you will have your In Car lessons in a manual gear vehicle, which will improve your standard transmission skills as you learn.

Drivers don’t fail the test because they cannot handle a manual gearbox. Our highly qualified instructors can teach you that in 3 hours. It is proven that test fails are often because drivers don’t know the road rules, can’t control the car during maneuver’s, or they make mistakes in the test.

Our instructors will teach:

  • Starting Procedures
  • Correct use of pedals
  • Gear Changing (H-pattern gear selector and paddle-shift)
  • Smooth take offs
  • Hill starts
  • Hill (grade or slope) take offs
  • Brake Application
  • Steering Techniques
  • Reversing
  • Procedures for driving (system of car control, lane position, changing lanes, leaving a parking spot, merging, roundabouts, dealing with traffic, cornering)
  • Scanning and Hazard Perception
  • Our drivers can learn basic shifting using the clutch (or advanced skills without the clutch if interested) and downshifting.

Lessons Description:  

  • 45 minute in-car lesson
  • Evaluation of current skills
  • Review of traffic rules and regulations
  • Refresher of parking, lane changes, and blind spots
  • Proposed plan to meet MTO’s practical evaluation

Our Standard Transmission driving lessons caters for both learner drivers and experienced drivers.

We fully encourage and welcome Parents to be part of their teenager’s driver training.