Standard Transmission Driving Course $60 ( CAD )

Canadian Drivers Ed CDE following 20 years of behind the wheels training research has developed a learner driver education program for standard transmission vehicles imparted by our MTO Certified Instructors in an educational framework.

Senior Driver Refresher Course CDE – $30 (CAD)

Canadian drivers ED will teach you on hands on all the driving technique’s to update your driving skills. Even if you haven’t been involved in a collision in your driving career.

Parking Refresher CDE – $40

At CDE we will help you improve your parking knowledge. A proven parking refresher designed for you to learn the right methods for all parking challenges.

Go Green Defensive Driving Course – $149 (CAD)

This program is intended for new and experienced drivers Become a better safer driver.

Freeway/Highway Driving Refresher – $40(CAD)

This course is designed to improve your driving skills on the freeway and increase your confidence entering and exiting the freeway, and sharpen your defensive driving skills in a fast pace environment

Professional Driver Improvement CDE in Car – $99(CAD)

Professional Driver Improvement In car is well suited for all professional drivers and company fleets who are trying to reduce collisions and costs associated with fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance

Professional Driver Improvement Course CDE – $150(CAD)

For the pro driver: learn to maintain good driving habits, prevent collisions, while you manage all your routes safely and on time.

Defensive Driving Fundamentals CDE – $55 (CAD)

This course is projected for experienced drivers looking for a refresher, beginners wanting an introduction to the rules of the road.

Defensive Driving Course Canadian Drivers ED – $99 (CAD)

A recognized program to help you develop safe driving habits, prevent collisions and make the best of your time on the road.