20 Years of Experience Behind The Wheels

The Staff at CDE is dedicated to creating an environment when YOU feel comfortable to decide your next move. CDE offers Private in car lessons with licensed instructors who offer over 20 years of experience!

98% Driving Success Rate

Our cautious driving school is gone for furnishing our understudies with hypothetical and pragmatic learning, which ensures their future accomplishment out and about.

Experienced Instructors

When it comes to our team, we at Canadian Driving ED insist on setting precedence. Our Top Priority is our students and their well-being. The success of our student is our biggest reward. Our team members, whether in the classroom or out on the road have the same principals and are all dedicated and well-educated in the art of coaching our students to reach their full potential.


At CDE, our vision is to ensure that every person that have attained the specified driving age is able to drive appropriately and perfectly with no mistakes. Safe driving is our paramount priority. This vision goes beyond just mere driving. It reaches deeply into acquiring the right driving skills with confidence building. This will make the student able to drive rightly and safely under any circumstance.

We achieve our vision through proper and adequate tutoring. We understand that everyone learns differently and should be treated as such knowing that learning how to drive can be very intimidating. For this reason, we strive to give our students a customized plan that is well tailored to their specific learning style and the level they are. We possess a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere which helps students throughout their entire learning experience.


Garth Andre D.

Thanks Canadian drivers y’all are the best , I’ll definitely recommend you .


Steve Roy

Definetly recomend Canadian Drivers Ed. The instructors are very professional! Thank you CDE!



I am proud to say I passed my test after lessons with Mark. He focuses on safe driving practices and now I am confident in myself when I am driving alone.

Dorothy Vu

Mark is a great instructor, very knowledgable and taught me everything I needed to know about driving. 100% would recommend!!!


Wynsum Wedderburn

Wow…Mark is an amazing instructor! Got my license in one shot!!!! I’m on the road now!
Thank you Canadian Drivers Ed…I will definitely recommend my friends!


Damian Roy

Canadian drivers Ed is the best driving school. They offer flexibility of schedule and very good prices!


Maria Batlle

CDE is a great driving school, from my first lesson I learned the techniques to get me safe and confident on the road. They helped me prepare for my road test and dedicated one on one time with me until I passed my road test.